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3 Common Dumpster Rental Mistakes Homeowners Make

Before renting a dumpster, it’s essential to consider the following: the type of project you’re undertaking, the amount of waste you anticipate producing, the length of time you need the dumpster, and where you will need the dumpster to be delivered.

Here are three common mistakes homeowners make with dumpster rentals:

1. Getting the Wrong Dumpster Size

Dumpster rental companies usually have a set price for each size, and the price usually increases as the size of the dumpster increases. Homeowners new to dumpster rentals may not know this and may purchase a size that is too small for their needs. This can be because they underestimate the amount of space or weight their job will require. Purchasing a smaller dumpster can save on the overall cost of the job, but it may not be adequate for the needs of the job.

A 12 cubic yard dumpster is typically large enough for a small job, whether remodeling, roofing, or landscaping. A 15-yard dumpster is typically enough for a larger room remodel job in your home or a cleanout before moving to a new location. A 20-yard dumpster rental typically holds substantial house construction projects, such as large-scale renovations, demolitions, or whole-house cleanouts.

Choosing a dumpster that is too small might result in having it removed and replaced with a bigger one. This can be very expensive and delay your project. Make sure you choose a dumpster that is large enough for your needs before you rent it.

2. Overfilling the Dumpster Rental

The dumpster size you rent will determine how much waste you can dispose of. Make sure you understand the size of your chosen dumpster and how much debris it can hold before you commit to renting it.

A 12 cubic yard dumpster is a dumpster that is 12 feet long, eight feet wide, and 3.5 feet tall. A 15 cubic yard dumpster is a dumpster that is ten feet long, 7.11 feet wide, and 4.7 feet tall. A 20 cubic yard dumpster is a dumpster that is 21.11 feet long, seven feet wide, and 3.6 feet tall.

To figure out what dumpster you need, you can compare it to the size of a regular standard bed pickup truck. A regular truck bed is six feet five inches long and 21 inches deep. A ten-yard dumpster can hold the same amount of debris as four truckloads. A 12-yard dumpster can hold about five pickup truck loads, and a 20-yard dumpster can accommodate eight standard truck loads.

3. Throwing Hazards

Many everyday materials in your home, garage, or shop outside are considered hazardous. These types of items cannot be put in a rental dumpster because when the dumpster is emptied at a landfill, it can put people and the environment at risk, and you may even face legal ramifications for contaminating the environment.

Determine which items are considered hazardous and not allowed in the dumpster. Some of the things include tires, paint, appliances of all types, and electronics. Other dangerous materials include all household chemicals, waste oil, oil filters and containers, car and truck parts and batteries, and televisions. Also excluded are septic tanks and waste materials, liquid sludge, gas cans and tanks, chemicals, filled sandbags, chemicals, and industrial waste.


There are a few common mistakes that homeowners make when renting a dumpster. By avoiding these mistakes, homeowners can ensure that their dumpster rental experience is positive and that they can dispose of their waste correctly.

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