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8 Important Dumpster Rental Terms to Be More Aware Of

When arranging a dumpster rental, there might be several terminologies that you can feel rather unfamiliar about. However, it’s best to be more aware of these since you can help avoid confusion later on and get the dumpster rental that you would need for any project or purpose.

Continue reading to pick up some important dumpster rental terms to be more aware of.

1) Dumpster Size

When it’s time to rent a dumpster, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with some important dumpster rental terms like dumpster size. Normally, you would not want to get a dumpster that’s too small for your project as it would likely do you more damage than good. Try to measure the size you need and see how it equates to cubic yards for your dumpster rental.

2) Dumpster Weight

Depending on the dumpster rental terms, you may be able to choose between a heavy haul and a standard unit. A general understanding is that the heavy haul is better for larger and heavier materials like gravel, concrete, and dirt. A standard unit can usually take in available waste types that won’t weigh too much.

3) Dumpster Load

It’s important to also familiarize yourself with dumpster load when assessing and arranging a dumpster rental. It is commonly used to refer to types of garbage and items picked up by the services, but it can also refer to the number of bags of waste or recycling that can fit into the unit.

4) Dumpster Permit

When looking for a dumpster for rent, you may need to obtain a dumpster permit. It is a permit that’s issued by the local government, making it official and legal. The city you’re located in may have different regulations regarding the need for a permit, but it’s important to consider the need for one if you suspect you will use it.

5) Junk Removal Service

When it comes to the dumpster rental terminology, you may also come across the term junk removal service. This is a company that helps you remove the junk from your property once you’re done with your project, and you have a dumpster filled.

6) Landfill Fees

In some areas, there may be a landfill fee involved when you’re looking to rent a dumpster. This would be a fee that you would need to pay in order to dispose of your materials at the landfills. It’s a fee that you would normally pay as a disposal fee for the service.

7) Overage Fees

Overage fees are certain expenses that are charged if the dumpster is overloaded. It’s different from a landfill fee in that it’s only for the dumpster rental and not for the disposal of the materials at the landfill. You will be charged for the extra tons of waste that exceed the capacity of the dumpster.

8) Prohibited Items

Certain items shouldn’t be placed in dumpsters, and you must familiarize yourself with the prohibited items list. This can help you avoid fees or a ban imposed on your property if you’re caught putting prohibited items in the dumpster.


With the terms above, you can better understand the dumpster rental industry and avoid any future troubles. These terms are frequently used and will help you search and work with a dumpster rental company.

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